About Us

Sharon Hobson, Designer, Say Yay Designs


I'm Sharon Hobson, the owner and lead designer of Say Yay Designs.

I've always been into design (graphic and web design) but several years ago (as part of my coming out journey), I was looking for clothes, jewelry, tote bags etc., that I could wear to express who I truly am. They were kinda hard to find, weren't made by LGBTQIA+ creators or didn't quite express my odd combination of dark and twisty inside, Little Mary Sunshine outside. So I decided to try to make them myself. What started with tote bags, morphed into mugs and t-shirts and finally jewelry, so you'll find a little of everything here.

My creations are based on things I enjoy, read, or encounter in my life. I am proudly queer, and that is reflected in my world and my work. Each piece is handmade/designed with love, swearing (fucking fiddly bits - jeez!), and the desire to bring you joy.

My goal with this site isn't to sell tons of products; it's not my full-time job. I aspire to share my creations, and hopefully the work of other artists, with the world. I want to make people happy, explore my creativity and maybe pay for some of my supplies :)

So browse, shop, share, and treat yourself to something pretty. Check it out (especially if you like rainbows and sparkly things!!)

Sharon's Main Gig

If you are looking for a website or digital platform, please check out Say Yay Digital or call me at 705-230-3020





I'm Twilight Hobson. They say behind every woman is someone who gives them the freedom, strength and support to do what they feel called to do (Sharon wrote that!!). I'm that person for Sharon. We met 5 minutes after she came out and have been inseparable ever since (we u-hauled...whatever...judge us, it makes us stronger.) 

I like to knit, so if you occasionally see fun hats, stuffed animals and stuff on the site, I made them. It's the one thing Sharon doesn't do.

I am a loud and proud non-binary human and like to shout it from the rooftops. So, if you see us at a market or event, I'll probably be the person you'll talk to (and I'm OK with that!)



Paisley the rainbow puppy


To say we are in love with our pup Paisley is an understatement. She is spoiled rotten and inspires many of our creations. We're pretty sure she represents the L in LGBTQIA+ because she's obsessed with a little corgi named Ruby, who lives around the corner. You may see her modelling throughout the site.