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Custom Lake T-Shirt - Masculine

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You know when you need to run out to buy a couple of steaks for the BBQ and maybe some propane and you can't go in your swimsuit? Or when you need to gather wood for the camp fire but your flannel might be too hot?

That's what this shirt is for.

White t-shirt, 100% cotton with vinyl lettering, looks a bit worn it because who wants a t-shirt that looks new. More substantial than what you normally find in T-shirts these days.

The same price for sizes XS to 3XL (because we love everyone!) If you need a bigger size let us know in the notes and we'll find it for you.

We can't tell you what brand of shirt we'll use because we live in Canada and getting blanks consistently is hard...freaking hard. So, we'll make sure it's nice, we promise.


If you have a cottage at Bonnie Lake near Bracebridge, ON please select Bonnie Lake Delivery and we will deliver to your cottage (mailing things in Canada is expensive and we are there every weekend, so this is MUCH faster!)

Please enter any specific information that you want to add in the notes (including the colour of the lettering you would like). We will email you with any questions.